About us


We bring innovation to a sector which, though being worth trillions of dollars and having a direct impact on each one of us, is still packed with inefficiencies and old-fashioned logics.

Building companies invest less than 1% on innovation and technology on average. At MyHabitat, we are convinced that times have arrived to start a revolution in the sector.

Thanks to the intelligent use of technology, today it is possible to bring together efficiency, sustainability, design and cost optimisation. MyHabitat benefits of a multifunctional team with experience in the construction industry, design and digital technology to give a unique and innovative service to all clients.

Our vision

Our homes are where we live the most genuine and meaningful moments of our lives. We want a world where everyone can live in a place she feels 100% hers.

Our mission

Enabling everyone to transform her house into her dream home and getting rid of the construction industry’s inefficiency through an innovative and evolutionary approach.

MyHabitat is the solution

The Personal Architects, thanks to the use of technology and smart processes, guide the client from the initial project inspiration to its completion, eliminating inefficiencies and delays.


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