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Industrial Design


Besso ・ Canton Ticino


Arch. Viviana Pecora

Project realized in 50 days


  • - Max Schoch (Internal asphalt)

  • - Record (Kitchen)

  • - Cielo (Bathroom sanitary wares)

  • - New Form (Fittings)

  • - Bisazza (Shower coatings)

  • - Cebos (Bathroom bagno)

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Defining the spaces and colors of this apartment was not difficult.
When we met the client, we realized that she would give us many interesting ideas for the renovation. Thanks to a remarkable aesthetic sense and admiration for Mario Botta's art, the owner has enthusiastically enthused the creative team, with whom he worked side by side for the renovation.
In particular, the choice of a Extravagant material like the asphalt for the flooring of the apartment, was inspired by the chapel of the Bigorio Convent, where the Swiss architect used a decisively futuristic material for the floor.
The result is under your eyes: spaces Luminous, a floor that perfectly combines parquet, marble and asphalt, a bathroom where teak, biscuit, asphalt and satin glass meet in a perfect balance and details looking for corrugated steel.