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Tailor made


Lugano ・ Canton Ticino


Arch. Omar Belometti

Project realized in 60 days


  • - Siloma (Kitchen)

  • - V-Zug (Home appliances)

  • - Bienna (Parquet)

  • - Cerdisa (Bathroom coatings)

  • - Siloma (Bathroom furniture)

  • - Gessi (Fittings and bathroom sanitary wares)

  • - Hafro (Shower tray)

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The studio is located in the heart of the city center and a stone's throw from the shore of the lake. The aim of the project was to rationalize the internal distribution to create a small modern house where all the spaces would live in harmony.
Light, innovative coatings, design furnishings and customized environments are the tools used for transformation . The wall of the living room corten divides the sleeping area from the living area creating a warm and cozy atmosphere thanks to the custom-designed bioethanol fireplace.