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Reflected light


Lugano Paradiso ・ Canton Ticino


Arch. Omar Belometti

Project realized in 75 days


  • - Galbiati Arreda (Kitchen)

  • - Electrolux (household appliance)

  • - Cielo (Health)

  • - Gessi (Faucets)

  • - Stocco (Bathroom furniture)

  • - Cerdisa (Fine porcelain stoneware wall tiles)

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In an enchanting location on the hill of Paradiso overlooking the gulf of Lugano a 2.5-rooms apartment has been completely renovated.

To enhance the great contribution of natural light that invades all the spaces, have been chosen materials with soft and reflective colors, to increase the perception of spatiality.

The complete reorganization of kitchen and bathroom has allowed to obtain a more functional, adaptable and usable environment and the complete restyling of each element has conferred modernity and freshness in every environment.