Our approach to sustainability


Green building & energy efficency

Europe has the oldest real estate stock in the world: buildings are, on average, 40 years old. Housing stock being so old leads to a reduction in energy efficiency and therefore a negative impact on the environment.

MyHabitat is aware of this and works on increasing buildings’ energy efficiency through a responsible approach to restructuring, through innovative technology and production processes as well as through methods which have a low impact on the environment.

Thanks to its close collaboration with Green, MyHabitat can make use of world-class skills in sustainable construction.

Km zero buildings

We always favour choosing local partners and suppliers whenever possible, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution caused by transport and to boost local economies.

When selecting partners, we take into account sustainable construction and environmental consideration.

Corporate social responsibility

Our vision is a world where everyone can have access to her dream home. MyHabitat dedicates economic resources and skills to favour “Sustainable Housing” in every context where the basic living requirements are still unmet, and helps through training activities and projects on the ground to recreate the MyHabitat model in developing countries and help communities with the most pressing social needs.